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Calculating Your Bill

Below is Claiborne Electric’s residential rate schedule and a step-by-step guide to help you determine your monthly bill.

Base charges
  • Service charge: $12.00
  • Energy charge: $0.049680 per kWh
  • Security Lights:
    • $6.95 per month plus fuel cost on 75 kWh per 175 watt lamp
    • $15.05 per month plus fuel cost on 120 kWh per 250 watt directional lamp
    • $20.40 per month plus fuel cost on 175 kWh per 400 watt directional lamp
    • $40.80 per month plus fuel cost on 450 kWh per 1000 watt directional lamp
  • Power Cost Adjustment: printed each month on your bill


Your bill would be calculated as follows (as of August 2013)
Service Charge:
Energy Charge

kWh @ .049680/kWh =

Power Cost Adjustment
Power Cost Adjustment factor is printed each month on your bill. Each month, Claiborne Electric pays a power cost adjustment to its power supplier. Members pay this power cost adjustment on monthly electric bills. The power cost adjustment varies from month to month, based on the cost of fuel used to generate electricity. A mix of coal, natural gas and hydro fuel is used each month, depending on which is the least expensive.

kWh @

/kWh =

Security Lighting

Security Light(s) @

/light =

Power Cost Adjustment for Security Lights

kWh per security light @

/kWh =

Any Previous Balance:
TOTAL Amount Due:

We hope the above has satisfactorily described how your bill is calculated. Should you find any discrepancy or do not understand, please feel free to call or stop by either of our offices and a cooperative employee will answer any questions you may have.

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