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Director Election to be held in District 4

Claiborne Electric members residing in District 4 are invited to participate in the election of their representative on Claiborne Electric’s Board of Directors.

The election will take place Saturday, December 1, at the Arcadia Depot building. The Depot is located at the intersection of North Hazel Street and North Railroad Avenue in Arcadia. Ballots may be cast from 10 a.m. until noon.

Two members of Claiborne Electric have been nominated to serve District 4 on the Co-op’s Board of Directors.


Leroy Perritt of Arcadia

Jason Cole of Simsboro

Claiborne Electric members of record in District 4 may vote in this election. The member casting the vote must be listed as the primary account holder. For instance, if an account is listed in a husband’s name, a wife may not vote on his behalf. In the case of joint memberships, either account holder may represent the account to cast a vote, but the account will receive only one vote.

Each member will receive only one vote, even if the member holds multiple accounts. Members must vote according to their primary account, which is the account tied to their membership number. For instance, if a member owns a primary residence in one district and has a secondary account in a different district, the member is allowed to vote only in the district where his primary account (residence) is located. If any member has questions about how an account is listed, the member should call our office at 318-927-3504 or 318-368-3011 prior to the district meeting.

Each vote must be cast in person, and members must present a photo identification to vote. Any members in line to vote at noon will be allows to cast a ballot.

A business or organization that is a member of Claiborne Electric may appoint a person to cast a ballot for the organization. The person appointed must present a letter, printed on the organization’s letterhead and signed by the leader of the organization, naming that person as a voting delegate for the organization. One person may not cast a personal ballot and an organization ballot.

Boundaries for District 4 are as follows: All of the area served by the cooperative in the Parish of Lincoln, all of the area served by the cooperative in the Parish of Bienville East of a line drawn due North and South running along the East side of the corporate limits of Mt. Lebanon, Bienville Parish, Louisiana, and all of the area served by the Cooperative in Jackson Parish, Louisiana.

A quorum of members must be present at the District Meeting to conduct the election. A quorum consists of 100 members of the district.

District meetings in Claiborne Electric’s District 2 and District 5 are dismissed. Willie Sensley was the sole nominee to represent District 2, and Eddie Harmon was the sole nominee to represent District 5. With no election necessary in either district, no meeting will be held.

For specific information on districts or election rules, please reference Article IV of Claiborne Electric’s bylaws.

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