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EZPay is Claiborne Electric’s pay-as-you-go billing option, and it allows members to pay for electricity in advance instead of paying a traditional electric bill on a pre-determined due date.

EZPay is similar to purchasing gasoline for a vehicle. Members can purchase electricity for their account in advance, like pumping gasoline into a vehicle’s tank. As the home uses electricity, the account balance diminishes based on the amount of kilowatt-hours used. When the balance is low, the member receives alerts that a payment is needed. The best part is that members who use the EZPay program have no deposit, no set due date, no late fees, no disconnection fees, and no reconnection fees!

Signing up for EZPay is easy! A member simply purchases $50.00 worth electricity and signs an EZPay agreement form! After that, the member can pay any amount he’s comfortable with, at any time!

EZPay gives members the ability to manage their electric service in a way that best fits their budget and lifestyle! The program is a great option for members who:

  • would rather make smaller, more manageable payments instead of one monthly payment by a pre-determined due date.
  • want to avoid paying a security deposit to establish electric service.
  • would like the peace of mind that they will never again pay a late fee, disconnection fee, or reconnection fee.
  • are interested in lowering electricity consumption and saving on utility costs.

We are the first electric utility in the state to provide this revolutionary type of payment option, but electric cooperatives across the country have been offering pay-as-you-go programs for years. These programs have proven over time to be more cost-efficient than traditional billing, because members who monitor their electricity usage on a daily basis instead of receiving a monthly bill tend to make active changes to lower their usage, saving electricity and money in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can sign up for EZPay?

Any member may voluntarily enroll, except those requiring an electric service greater than a normal 200-amp service.

How do I start using EZPay?

Call or stop by a local Claiborne Electric office and one of our Member Service Representatives will assist you. You will need to purchase $50.00 of electricity and sign an EZPay service agreement.

Will I still receive a monthly bill?

No. You will monitor your usage and account balance, and make payments accordingly. You will receive friendly alerts if your balance is low!

Will my electric rate change?

No! You will pay the same low rate as a traditional service.

How do I check my balance and pay?

The easiest way to track your electric usage, watch your balance, and make a payment any time is by downloading our free mobile app, SmartHub, on any mobile device (search SmartHub in your device’s marketplace). You can also visit, or use our automated phone system at 1-800-900-9406. During business hours, you can pay in person or by phone at a Claiborne Electric office.

How do I know my balance is getting low?

We will let you know! The Co-op will notify you when your balance gets low. You tell us how you want to be notified; by text message, e-mail, voicemail, or any combination of methods. We recommend using multiple contact methods. Just make sure to keep your contact information current and accurate. If we are unable to contact you, it won’t keep your lights on if you allow your balance to run out!

What if I allow my power to run out?

Just make a payment to reconnect! All you have to do is establish at least a $25.00 credit. There is no late fee, no disconnection fee, and no reconnection fee!

What if I owe an old Claiborne Electric bill?

We have a plan! With traditional billing, you would need to pay the old bill in full, along with a deposit to establish service. With EZPay, you can purchase $50.00 of electricity to establish service. From that point forward, we will apply 20% of each payment you make to the old bill, until the debt is paid! The other 80% of each payment made purchases electricity.

What if I already have a traditional service? Can I change to EZPay?

Yes! We will apply the deposit on your account to the balance owed. If the deposit covers your outstanding balance, and gives you a credit of at least $50.00 worth of electricity, you can begin EZPay immediately! If the deposit does not cover the balance, you can use the payment plan described above.

What if I don’t like it?

No problem! Simply pay any outstanding debt and a security deposit to begin receiving a traditional monthly bill.

Claiborne Electric’s EZPay program allows you to make payments when you want, how you want, and in the amount you want! If you think EZPay may be the right option for you, call our office today!

Homer: 318-927-3504

Farmerville: 318-368-3011

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