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If an Outage Occurs

To report outages, call

Homer Office: (318) 927-3504
Farmerville Office: (318) 368-3011

If your lights go out: Check for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers.

Check with your neighbors. Ask if their electricity is off.

The best way to report an outage is through our free digital app SmartHub. This eliminates a need to call our office and reports your outage directly to dispatchers with the touch of a button on your mobile device.

If you would like to use our optional automated outage reporting system, dial 1-800-900-9406. Your outage will be flashed onto the computer screen of the 24-hour dispatcher.

If you need to speak with a Member Service Representative or Dispatcher, call your co-op office (phone numbers listed above) to report trouble. Be sure to give the name or telephone number exactly as it appears on your account. Give your account number or meter number if you have it. If you know of a problem which may have caused the outage, such as a tree on the line near your house, be sure to give this information to the co-op employee. These office numbers are answered by a limited number of live employees, so the lines get congested very quickly during a widespread outage. Please only use this method if you must speak with a live employee. If you simply need to report that you are part of an outage, please use SmartHub or call 1-800-900-9406.




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