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Notice of District Meetings

The election of three members of Claiborne Electric’s Board of Directors will take place Saturday, Dec. 2, at District Meetings in Farmerville, Homer and Heflin.

Members in Districts One, Six and Nine are invited to meet and take part in the election of their representative on the Board of Directors. District One will meet at 8 a.m. at Claiborne Electric’s Farmerville office, District Six will meet at noon at Claiborne Electric’s office in Homer, and District Nine will meet at 4 p.m. at Heflin Baptist Church.

Hez Elkins of Farmerville has been nominated to serve on the Board of Directors for District One, Rand Killgore of Haynesville has been nominated to serve on the Board of Directors for District Six, and Richard Noles of Heflin has been nominated to serve on the Board of Directors for District Nine. As of this time, no other nominations to the Board of Directors have been made. If there are no other nominations made by petition, those named will be elected to the Board of Directors.

Any three members of a district, acting together, can nominate any member of that district for service on the Board of Directors. This nomination by petition must be made and submitted to the Secretary of the Cooperative by close of business on Nov. 17. The Secretary will post the nomination at the Homer and Farmerville offices. In the event that more than one person is nominated for election, a quorum of members must be present at the District Meeting to conduct the election. A quorum consists of 100 members of the district.

In the event that an election takes place, members should understand the following about the voting process:

Voting will remain open for two hours after the meeting is called to order. Ballots will be available at the meeting. Each member whose primary Claiborne Electric account is located within the boundaries of the voting district may register and cast only one vote. The vote must be cast in person by the primary member listed on the account (No proxy voting is allowed.). Voters must present valid photo identification before voting.

Voters casting a ballot on behalf of an organization with membership located within the district must present a letter from the organization on the organization’s letterhead. The letter must specifically name the representative in writing, be signed by the leader of the organization, and have valid contact information for the named leader. The person presenting the letter must present valid photo identification. No person will be allowed to vote without first presenting all of the required credentials.

For specific information on districts or election rules, please reference Claiborne Electric’s bylaws, which can be read here or at either of the Co-op’s offices. Bylaws pertaining to districts and director elections can be found in Article IV. 

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