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Right-of-way trimming services

Claiborne Electric uses a variety of methods to clear and maintain the Co-op’s rights-of-way, which is an essential part of providing our members with safe, reliable electric service.

A right-of-way (ROW) is the area of land beneath or around power lines. Claiborne Electric has and right and responsibility to keep this area clear of vegetation. If trees grow too close to power lines or conductors, they can create an unsafe situation or a disruption of power.

Claiborne Electric has an in-house Right-of-Way Department. These crews work daily to manage the vegetation around Co-op’s the lines. Depending on the type and density of vegetation, and the state of the ground, these crews may use bucket trucks, chainsaws, grinders, chippers, tractor mowers, drum mowers, or chemical applications to control growth.

The Co-op also uses the contract services for tree trimming. The contract crews use units called Jarraffs to trim trees along the ROW and make sure remaining growth is the correct distance from power lines. Currently, the contractors have five Jaraff units working to trim trees in our service area.

The Co-op receives regular calls and messages about debris resulting from ROW management. After vegetation is trimmed, a chipping crew comes along to clean any areas that are mowed or manicured. This work usually takes place seven to 10 days after trimming. The time lag between trimming and cleaning is because the work done by the Jaraff unit is so much quicker than the time it takes to clean and chip debris. If trimmings are along a road or along a private ROW, the trimming crew will use the Jaraff to push the trimmings into the tree line.

If any member has specific questions about vegetation management or tree planting, our offices can be reached at 927-3504 (Homer), or 368-3011 (Farmerville).

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