Co-op’s response to COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Claiborne Electric wants its members to understand how we are taking care of our employees, our members, and our Cooperative during this difficult time.

As COVID-19 started to spread across Louisiana, our management team developed a work plan specific to this crisis. That plan was immediately put into action to decrease the chance of contracting or spreading a virus.

During the pandemic, our offices are closed to the public. Employees are still serving our membership full-time, but lobby areas are closed for the safety of employees and members. We are pleased to serve members in the drive-through, Kiosks, by telephone, online, and through our SmartHub app.

The Louisiana Public Service Commission has issued an order to utilities during this time to suspend disconnections due to non-pay. As with all LSPC orders, Claiborne Electric will gladly comply. We will not disconnect members who do not pay their bills while the order is in effect. However, there has been confusion about this matter, and we want our members to fully understand this issue. The order does not grant free electricity. All electricity being used will have to be paid for. If it is possible for members to pay bills during this time to keep accounts current, members are urged to do so. Claiborne Electric General Manager and CEO Mark Brown said keeping accounts current, if possible, will avoid hardship down the road.

“We don’t want our members to have an unmanageable amount owed when this mandate lifts,” Brown said. “If members are facing a financial hardship due to COVID-19, they can contact us about possible payment arrangements.”

Brown also said that members should be mindful of additional electric usage while being home more during the pandemic. The Co-op’s free SmartHub app has many convenient features, including the ability to help members monitor and manage electric usage. SmartHub can be downloaded on any Apple or Android device.

If any member has questions or concerns about their account, Member Service Representatives are available in Farmerville at 318-368-3011 or in Homer at 318-927-3504.

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