An important notice about Power Cost Adjustment charges

Claiborne Electric recently received an important notice from our wholesale power provider, and we feel it is important to pass this information on to our valued Cooperative members. The power provider has notified us of a temporary increase to our wholesale power costs. The cost is attributed to critically low water levels in the Mississippi River. The river levels are currently dramatically limiting coal shipments, resulting in significantly higher transportation costs for coal. The result will be a higher Power Cost Adjustment factor used in calculating member bills, which will lead to a modest bill increase.

We want members to know that we have worked diligently to develop a strategy to minimize the impact on our members. We will spread these incurred costs over 12 months instead of passing them along in full monthly. This is a temporary situation, and our hope is that we will soon see enough precipitation to return the Mississippi River to normal levels. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please know that we are continually working on behalf of our members.

If you have questions about your billing, please contact us at (318) 927-3504 or (318)368-3011.

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