Director nominations open in January

Nominations for directors in three of Claiborne Electric’s districts will be open during the month of January 2024.

Members in Districts One, Six, and Nine may nominate a member from that district to stand for election at the 2024 Annual Meeting. Nominations will be open for the entire month of January. A sample nomination form is available here.

Hez Elkins of Farmerville currently represents District 1.
Rand Killgore of Haynesville currently represents District 6.
Jody Woodard of Heflin currently represents District 9.

Article IV, section 4 of Claiborne Electric’s bylaws reads as follows:

Any three (3) members of record living within a district and acting together, may make a nomination for the Director from that district in writing during the month of January. Nominations will be due by close of business on the last business day of January. The Secretary shall post such nominations at the principal office of the Cooperative in both Union and Claiborne Parishes. If only one nomination is submitted, the Board of Directors will declare the nominated candidate as the winner and shall not hold an election for that district. If no nominations are submitted, the seat will be considered a vacancy and will be handled according to Article IV, Section 6 of these bylaws.”

For specific information on districts or election rules, please reference Claiborne Electric’s bylaws. Bylaws pertaining to districts and director elections can be found in Article IV of the bylaws.

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