Bill Payment Options


Claiborne Electric bills may be paid electronically here.

In Person

Bills may be paid at a payment counter or at a drive-through payment window at our following offices from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.:

12525 Hwy. 9, Homer LA, 71040
301 East Franklin St., Farmerville, LA 71241

Also at each office location are Kiosk systems available in the drive-through at all times. Members will need their account number to post a payment using our Kiosk systems. Kiosks accept cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards, and payments made post to the account immediately.


EZPay is Claiborne Electric’s pay-as-you-go billing option, and it allows members to pay for electricity in advance instead of paying a traditional electric bill on a pre-determined due date. Learn more about EZPay here.

Levelized Billing

Members may choose a levelized billing plan, whereby their monthly bills are close to the same amount from month to month based on previous usage history. Levelized billing helps members predict their monthly bill so they can budget roughly the same amout each month. It also eliminates seasonal peaks and valleys during very high-usage or low-usage months.

Levelized billing works well with members who pay their bills using our bank draft program, but using bank draft is not required to participate in levelized billing.

Call your co-op office and speak with one of our Member Service Representatives for information about levelized billing.

By Telephone

Bills may be paid using an electronic check, debit or credit card from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Members may call the Homer office at 318.927.3504, or the Farmerville Office at 318.368.3011.

By Automated Telephone system

Bills may be paid using an electronic check, debit or credit card 24 hours a day using the Co-op’s automated telephone system at 844.219.1221. This system can also be used to report outages or change the telephone number on file associated with an electric account.

By Mail

Payment by check or money order may be mailed with the bill stub to P.O. Box 719, Homer, LA 71040.

Automatic Bank Draft

With the member’s authorization, the cooperative will automatically draw on personal or business checking accounts for the payment of monthly bills. A bank draft authorization form is available here. Forms should be returned to Claiborne Electric for processing, along with a voided check. This is a free service.

Through SmartHub

Members may download Claiborne Electric’s free digital app, SmartHub, on any Apple or Android device. SmartHub offers many features, including bill payment with the touch of a few buttons on a mobile device.

Through MoneyGram

Members may pay at a MoneyGram location inside most Wal-Mart and CVS Pharmacy stores. Members using this service will need their Claiborne Electric account number, along with Claiborne Electric’s MoneyGram receiver code, which is 15231. MoneyGram will charge a $1.50 service fee for each payment. This fee is retained by MoneyGram. It is not a fee charged by Claiborne Electric.

Through InComm

Members may make cash-only payments through the InComm payment system at a local Dollar General, Family Dollar, or CVS Pharmacy. Members must use an account-specific barcode to make an InComm payment. Barcodes are available in the member’s SmartHub account (Bill and Pay > Pay by Cash > View Barcode). Members who do not use SmartHub can contact their local Claiborne Electric office about getting their account’s barcode. Members will be charged a $1.50 service fee for each payment. This fee is retained by the payment service. It is not a fee charged by Claiborne Electric.

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