Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our offices are currently drive-through only.
Please contact us by phone, SmartHub, website or social media if possible. We will also reschedule our Annual Meeting from April to July 25th.

Electric Solar Program

Claiborne Electric will work with members who install solar panels to generate electricity. With a properly sized solar installation, members will consume most of the kilowatt-hours in a month’s time. In the event that a solar panel generates excess power, that power is banked and will carry forward on a monthly basis until such time as a member disconnects service from Claiborne Electric Cooperative. If a member disconnects service with a kWh accrual that exceeds their usage, the member will be compensated at an avoided cost rate, which is currently $0.02524/kWh.

Claiborne Electric’s Net Metering Agreement can be found here. If a member plans a solar installation, this agreement must be completed and submitted to Claiborne Electric before the installation is energized. Following the receipt of the Net Metering Agreement by the Co-op, a Claiborne Electric employee will conduct a site visit. This visit will include a safety verification to ensure power from the solar installation cannot back-feed onto Claiborne Electric’s utility system. This verification ensures the safety of Co-op employees and members.

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