Electric Solar Program

Claiborne Electric will work with members who install solar panels to generate electricity. With a properly sized solar installation, members will consume most of the kilowatt-hours in a month’s time. In the event that a solar panel generates excess power, that power is banked and will carry forward on a monthly basis until such time as a member disconnects service from Claiborne Electric Cooperative. If a member disconnects service with a kWh accrual that exceeds their usage, the member will be compensated at an avoided cost rate, which is currently $0.03894/kWh.

Claiborne Electric’s Net Metering Agreement can be found here. If a member plans a solar installation, this agreement must be completed and submitted to Claiborne Electric before the installation is energized. Following the receipt of the Net Metering Agreement by the Co-op, a Claiborne Electric employee will conduct a site visit. This visit will include a safety verification to ensure power from the solar installation cannot back-feed onto Claiborne Electric’s utility system. This verification ensures the safety of Co-op employees and members.

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