Pole Attachments

As your Cooperative, Claiborne Electric must protect your assets while balancing the risks of allowing communications and other attachments on its poles. The goal of the Joint Use Management group is to provide consistency so that all parties are held accountable for actions that might negatively impact the safety and reliability of our electric distribution system, are treated fairly and equitably, and are assigned appropriate costs for “make ready” construction. We are responsible for the management, design, construction, regulatory, legal, and contractual oversight of all third-party communications and other attachments on Claiborne Electric’s power poles.

Approved Contractor

Claiborne Electric Permitting Process

Although there are several accepted methods for calculating pole attachment rates, the Louisiana Public Service Commission has developed its own formula. This formula may be utilized in negotiating pole attachment agreements. Please note: Claiborne Electric makes no distinction between electrical ground attachments and any other form of attachment made to its electric plant.

Permit Application

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